I actually do like it that everything is the same, but there is a need for a little creativity

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Today famous people absolutely not like those in the 80ish and 90ish. Which is awesome I believe

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Love this take… 🤖🎨

“As more creative work is aided by AI, we can envision where the sameness issue gets even worse. That means there will be a growing premium on folks who can produce the different.”

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Thank you for sharing optimism and inspiration.

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hmmm someone is using the "Weekly Dose of Optimism" cover to write his own NL? eheh interesting topics, but no major milestones like it was the initial goal :P

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"malleable software" - or software by AI.

Let's see - a gigantic part of technical debt is the failure to document and provide ongoing support for software...and AI is going to help this how? Who is going to tell the AI what exactly to do, why and check that the work is correct even above the intrinsic opacity of AI output?

I have long believed a huge part of this "technical debt" problem is actually not even work loads but the massive turnover that tech firms have due to the SV worker practice of jumping around every 2 or 3 years. The whole deal feels like a software engineering version of the Telephone game.

Genetic design: I sat in a talk including the CRISPR creator right before COVID. What I came away with was: if it took 1.5 years (and counting) to fix a 1 base pair genetic error (sickle cell anemia), including 12+ human deaths from failures - I have to wonder just how realistic design is. It seems intuitively obvious that 3 billion base pair human genomes comprised of only 4 unique codes means a whole lot of possible errors when using the equivalent of a "search and replace" function (which is how CRISPR works). I'm sure mathematicians can work out the likelihood of repetition of 1, 2, 10 or even 50 base pair target identifiers in a 3 billion base pair, not random collection.

And this is just fixing what is known.

To then design from scratch - huh? We can't cure the vast majorities of cancer yet but we can make new complex beings? That's the definition of optimism...or something.

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