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I get that Not Boring is about optimism, but I feel like attacking “doomerism” by quoting facts isn’t the most productive way forward. It comes across as saying “you are stupid to feel like that.” Which I’ve done too many time myself!

I’ve said it last week, and I’ll say it again: people who are scared and pessimistic don’t need more data, they need *compassion.*

Yes, believe me, I _know_ it is annoying and frustrating when people seem stuck in unhealthy mindsets that make themselves miserable and stifle progress. But they aren’t the problem -- they are the challenge!

Rather than berating people for feeling negative, why don’t we invite them reflect on what kind of positive change they’d need to see in order to feel more optimistic?

Their answers might be surprising, and even instructive...

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Definitely Fridays off...

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good job

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it's not a climate crisis, it's ecological collapse. big difference. the former makes it sound like a sniffle.

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I'm not sure the 4-Day-Work Week is the answer.

61 UK companies volunteered to take part in a 'four-day week trail' representing 2,900 employees.

56 of these companies said they would continue. As a scientific experiment, the small self-selecting sample should limit many broader conclusions.

The four-day working week comes from the same thinking as erm the five-day working week (see article below). In the great online game, and world of web3, more radical approaches are needed to future work design?


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Isn’t an extra day off each week 50% “more time doing what we love”, not 14%? 3 day weekend vs. 2 day weekend

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As far as immigration, we are not getting skilled AI or tech immigrants we are getting under the table non skilled labour who do not pay taxes.

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Re: GMO trees

Sounds nice but 4-5 million trees taken in context of the 3 trillion trees worldwide = greenwashing.

Re: Technology advancement

I suggest listening to what Thiel has been saying for at least 6 years now: the US and the West in general is not progressing technologically as evidenced by productivity increases and economic growth numbers.

Compare the last 2 decades of "progress" with any 2 decades from the Industrial Age onward - it ain't pretty.

"Technology" that doesn't increase productivity or economic growth = rearranging chairs on the economic Titanic.

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