Trillion dollar three person. Bold! I like it. It does seem there is still a lot more complexity than people expect to do creative work at scale - Perell has 25 people already. We shall see but you could be right about people being part-time or contractors.

One thing is for sure. LinkedIn will fail. They've been trying gig platforms for years.

All this is nuts. Thousands of people read my musings. I have no idea where we are in five years. Buckle up.

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Feb 22, 2021Liked by Packy McCormick

I agree - Perell (or Gary V/Mr. Beast types) have large teams to do this creative work... maybe as the editing/production software gets better those numbers can be reduced - but creativity is inherently 'human' isn't it?

I read a book years ago called "The Future Arrived Yesterday - The Rise of the Protean Corporation" who argued that 90%+ of companies will be made of a cloud of freelancers, with the remaining 10% the keepers of culture/mission/vision/values.

Great read Packy.



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Yeah definitely don't mean only one person will be involved, just that it'll be much more fluid and flexible.

and agree on LinkedIn... hell hole :)

The internet is wild - we have it to thank for our friendship from across the world!

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"But for every creator making millions, the platforms on which they operate make billions. That’s fair, that’s how the economy works. "

No, it's not fucking fair. Without mom and pop shops or barbers that cannot "scale" these platforms you mention would be nothing.

So I don't think it's fair that a VCs and founders laugh their assess all the way to the bank while the small guys' lives are marginally better (not applicable to Teachable and other scalable ecosystems but since you mentioned platforms for physical businesses, I had to oblige)

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Hey Packy! This was an awesome article! Thank you so much for writing this. I wanted to know how you decided on topics to write up on?

My name is AJ Picard and I'm building a new creative app called Clava, we allow Creatives to go Live to 1000 of their fans and get paid for it. We launched a couple of weeks ago but we already have Creatives scheduled to host exclusive Concerts, Tutorials, Workout Classes, and more!

Our goal is to allow Creatives to get paid for being them but at the same time create exclusivity around their brand to drive up the engagement with their community!

I would love for you to do a write up on Clava if it was of interest to you!

You can email me here: Team@ClavaApp.com

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Excellent read.

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Great read for an early Sunday morning. Subscribed. I haven't checked out your other posts, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts around the intersection of all these ideas and Artificial Intelligence. How big of an impact will AI have on the future of work and the economy? On Blockchain. Interesting to think about.

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absolutely amazing read. mentioned NFTs, DeFi, SPACs. you've caught my attention. subscribed!

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NFT's remind me of what Jeff Bezos says re: inventing "You have to have a willingness to be misunderstood for long periods of time, if you do something in a new way, people are initially going to misunderstand it relative to the traditional way, and they'll be well-meaning critics but they are worried about this new way."

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Brilliant article Packy. And, I like the style of your newsletter - one focused deep article rather than shallow briefs. The 3rd Party API image is a great summary. Whilst reading the article I wondered how long it took you to link together those tools that run Not Boring. You kindly covered it off further down the page!

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I love this post.

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The listed examples of NFT's to research and code are actually really exciting - probably the first time I've read a blockchain example and didn't think it was societally useless

On another note, blockchain seems like Karl Marx's solution to alienation of labor - your labor can't be alienated if your product is digitally signed with your private key!

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This is crazy. The future has to be of people in small studios doing freelancing or contract work. No more 9-5 jobs and multinational companies.

I guess, there will be local companies and similar companies that will operate in many places by different individuals. A web of each individual creators and the net sum will be amazing for everyone involved.

Everything is going in the right direction, lets keep creating.

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I love this piece, especially the dissolution of corporations as we know it. That said, NFTs have the weakest story - enforcement is incredibly important in all of your listed use cases. We can't get it right today, so why would decentralizing it (making it "nobody's problem") make it better?

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Great read Packy. I think the implication of Coase's work is that we will end up with smaller firms pulling on a much bigger pool of external workers. More on this in my research paper here -> https://bit.ly/2OXezYd

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