Hey Packy. Is there a minimum you have in mind for an investment in the fund?

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Packy - love this strategy. In many ways it's aligned with Daniel Vassallo's portfolio of small bets - which many VC's 'subscribe to' but rarely execute on as they become too vertically focused and are quick to jump on opportunities when other funds also jump. The fact that you're willing to push the boundaries and get weird is awesome. Look forward to supporting.



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I don’t like one thing. Although it is with the best intention from you/your team.

Loosely defined and implemented quotas can end up being just as discriminatory as whatever led to their conception in the first place.

How are minorities defined for you guys? Is this a U.S. centric approach? I assume you are in the U.S. (?). Or a global one? Asians are a minority in the U.S. but a majority globally. Poor in some countries while well off in some others like Japan.

So how is that defined, just to see if I fit that category or not, coming from a nationality that would be considered a minority in the U.S. and anywhere else in the world, except my own country.


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US-centric approach, as always. Minorities means rich women and people with a darker skin, nothing else. If they are the majority is not a problem, because the objective is to discriminate.

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