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Brilliant article summarizing cutting edge science. As a clinician what would be most exciting is if we can wrest this technology away from Pharma and make it easy, cheap and bedside so that we can treat our patients with cutting edge medicine. right now we can't treat most of our patients with best medication options, especially diabetics, because insurance plans won't pay for new medications.

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Very thorough article - thanks for writing this! And I appreciate the mention of Cellares - even though it might seem like a "crazy idea", a robotic factory to make cell therapies is now reality; you can come and see the Cell Shuttle in South San Francisco today

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Thanks, I don't understand it all but learned a lot and it was very approachable / a great launchpad!

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Thanks for this article. Learned a lot.

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Cancer is increasingly see as a metabolic dysfunction and not genetic in origin. The work of Thomas Seyfried seems indisputable toward starving it out. Silver-bullet cellular solutions may be the exception rather than the norm in future.

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Great article, thanks for unpacking

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“we can live in an Age of Miracles, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get there.”

Improving the clinical trial process would help:


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“I’m only one person, what can I do?” Said the whole world.

The root problem is the system itself. Fixing the system itself should be the one place we can all agree on. Medicine too, is broken by gatekeepers and centralized control.

We need to fix the entire system from being corrupted - government and all other related systems have lost all trust (government, media, medicine, big tech, science, academia, food, etc). The answer lies in building new trustworthy systems, migrating to them, then plugging them in to fix the existing corrupted ones. Like using a plug-in to fix a corrupted computer system.

It starts with understanding Swarm Theory and Human Swarm Intelligence. This is the beginning, but if everyone takes the time to understand this we can fix our corrupted systems and then fix everything else. Transparency + Decentralization + Human Swarm Intelligence = the answer.

Never heard of it? Here: https://joshketry.substack.com/p/human-swarm-intelligence-the-most

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Interesting tech, but yet another example of solving the lesser but more profitable problem.

The US spends roughly 18% of GDP on health care = $4.6 trillion per year.

This is roughly double, per capita, of any other nation in the entire rest of the world meaning at least $2 trillion of spending is excess to results.

Note we're not talking about Eastern Europe or Asia - this is even in comparison with high wealth nations like Luxembourg or Switzerland.

This $2 trillion of excess spending is the single biggest handicap to US society: families and companies alike.

In a fantasy world where the government and elites of the US focus on making life better for Americans, this issue would be addressed but in the actual world - this $2 trillion per year directly equals profits for a few. How many people are dying earlier due to this massive economic burden as compared to the cancers in question?

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