Great piece as ever. My main question, which is unrelated to the quality of the piece really, is how you have access to BlockFi? My understanding is that you live in NYC (same as me) and their services are severely restricted because of regulation. Insane really...

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This post provides a nice analysis of the space if you want to dive deeper: https://prohashing.com/guides/earning-interest-on-cryptocurrencies

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BlockFi - too good to be true

- I read your article twice

- 8.6 % interest is still too good to be true

- Generates all kind of warning lights

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I was hoping for a bit more in-depth analysis of the potential risk-reward here. It isn't clear to me whether the APR of 5-10% depending on the coin is worth the credit and counter-party risk at play here.

There are really two major events (that aren't that all that unimaginable) at play here 1) A run on the bank in crypto causing a fast and sustained 70%+ crash or 2) A major exchange or wallet is hacked where coins are held by a major BlockFi borrower

Is 5-10% the right return for the above risks? I have no idea but would love to see a much richer analysis

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