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Well said... It strikes me that your list re Biotech, space etc... and the people that invest and run those enterprises would do well to read and re-read this- perhaps they should consider operating in a more moderate climate next time- consider real adoption rates, the failure of emotionally invested half baked product while standards for more ubiquitous adoption emerge... then they won't suffer the change in seasons.. It has happened before- and will happen again.. problem is when these changes take place in different generations of leaders, the memory fades, and the hype becomes more brilliant! Thanks for doing this.

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If our system is corrupted, that’s like the equivalent of having a computer that has a corrupted motherboard. All of our other problems are just programs that run on the computer. If the computer itself is no good, then arguing about what programs are best to run on it is a pointless exercise. We need to fix the system first. As long as we allow the systems that govern our lives to be corrupted we will never be able to navigate our way to the best society possible - and that should be the goal.

How? With transparency, decentralization, and super collaboration with highly aligned people.


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