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Not Boring’s mission is to make the world more optimistic. We do that in three ways.

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Written by Packy McCormick, the Not Boring newsletter sends in-depth analyses of the tech and startup landscape to over 200k subscribers every week. We tell the stories of the most ambitious and complex startups as clearly as possible to give readers a glimpse into the future they’re working to build. We dive into technology, business models, and markets.

For biotech, check out our Biotech Partner Elliot Hershberg’s Century of Biology.

Age of Miracles Podcast

We recently launched the Age of Miracles Podcast, a narrative podcast where each season, we go into all the nitty gritty details about one sci-fi-sounding industry to understand what it will take to go from idea to innovation to implementation to impact. The first season is about nuclear energy, both fission and fusion.

Not Boring Capital

We put our money where our mouth (and keyboard) is. Not Boring Capital backs the founders building the future and helps them tell their stories.

We invest in wildly ambitious early stage companies that combine sci-fi technology with a viable business model. We like Hard Startups pushing the frontiers of bits and atoms across crypto, bio, energy aerospace & defense, manufacturing, materials, and beyond. Bring us your craziest ideas.

As you read this, Not Boring Capital portfolio companies are building foundation models for RNA and for gene interactions (👀), creating physics-based AI chips, building hyperlogistics networks under cities, manufacturing drugs in space, accelerating manufacturing to make parts for space, growing cabbages that produce GLP-1, crafting Von Neumann universal constructors, rebuilding the school system, decentralizing ID to build a more human economic system, bringing abundant energy to Africa, infusing AI in code, bringing real world assets onchain, creating virtual worlds, reimagining how the physical one gets built, and using light and DNA barcodes to measure biology in context. This list is non-exhaustive.

If you’re building in crypto or deep tech, reach out to and if you’re building in bio, reach out to

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