1. Yay for cryonics. Although they better hurry since AI might solve most causes of death before we even need to start "freezing" people.

2. I love those SpaceX launches every time. Man, even the videography is incredible.

3. I feel like I hadn't even heard of Boeing Starliner. Cool that they already successfully delivered humans.

4. "What is this a nuclear network for ants? This needs to be at least…three times bigger." 😆 Exactly!

5. Cheap energy will change SO much about how people behave.

So exciting!

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Great recap!

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Hey Packy - I was excited when I thought you responded to let us share an intro to our startup ... Optimism Friday ... not so fast. It turned out he is using your logo, taking your identify, and ultimately trying to sell some crypto. I reported, but you may opt to do that same. Whatsapp - 253-386-1404

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Reviving someone legally dead after many years sounds like a Frankenstein situation. If my family is reading this, just let me go at that point. No need to freeze me.

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Honestly, wow. Just, wow. Amazing feats of human achievement and ingenuity.

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