Wow, this issue was a doozy. Genius humanoid robots coming soon.

Potentially having conversations with other species of animals (which I think will lead more people to become vegan, which is awesome). 🌱

A new jet engine changing travel and access to space.


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I love the weekly dose, but always get annoyed when it includes a study that *might* lead to drugs or treatments getting FDA approved in ten years. Same is true for laws that are passed. Regarding #1, it sounds great but passing a law doesn’t mean we will get the intended result. This isn’t the first time Congress passed a law to “reform” and “streamline” the NRC. Read Recoding America by Jennifer Pahlka - the magic is in effectuating laws more than passing laws.

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Can we get the AGI without the robot first?

Also the whale talk reminds me of this wonderful short by Ted Chiang https://electricliterature.com/the-great-silence-by-ted-chiang/

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