India is a much more natural destination for foreign investment moving forwards. This is due to demographics, the fact they speak English and the fact that they are the most common immigrants in tech in the US.

India's population is still relatively young and untapped in terms of their technological potential. At a time when many Western Nations will be beginning their demographic winter, places like India, Mexico, Vietnam and Indonesia are real bright spots.

With the mass exodus of foreign investment in China, as someone who grew up in India for a number of years I'm hoping they will be a major beneficiary in the years to come.

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India's growth is also a good case study for how the rich world can think about tackling climate change. India is a major contributor to carbon emission but limiting their growth means preventing a significant portion of people from rising out of poverty.

It is likely countries like India can grow so quickly that they transition out of fossil fuels faster but they need the fossil fuels to maintain a high growth rate.

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Haha! I chuckled on the 'Chalo' Nicely done!

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