Re: Venture Approach to Peace

A literal pack of nonsense because competing existential interests don't get bought off.

The Israel/Palestinian thing has been brewing for decades to millenia, depending on who you talk to.

Ultimately, conflation between sovereign and commercial interest.

Re: Techno-Optimist

Yet the latest talking piece - emphasis on talking - as opposed to doing. Where are the real world accomplishments that Venture Capitalism has promoted in the last 2 decades? Uber? WeWork? Facebook? At least Tesla makes actual cars; the rest of it is just pushing bits - both information and money.

Re: Nuclear power

LOL. Here is Statista's list of nuclear power plants under construction, by country, in the world: https://www.statista.com/statistics/513671/number-of-under-construction-nuclear-reactors-worldwide/

Notice who is not on the list: The United States.

Argentina has more plants under construction despite their economy literally being in ruins.

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