Wow dude, being able to see inside a scroll is just so rad! Of all the really big things we're paying attention to with regard to accelerating technological innovation, the discoveries within our own history are some of the most surprising for me. And yes, even during a week like this, there are things to be optimistic about out there!

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."...cleanly clearing the pref stack and making me and many of my employees generationally wealthy,"

What makes you think that's what happened when they sold at a discount to their series C?

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Re: making methane from air and sunlight


North Dakota is facing a 375 million to 1 billion cubic foot natural gas PER DAY glut (i.e. excess to consumption and pipeline capacity). Because ND has a law restricting flaring - the only such law anywhere in the world that I am aware of - they are facing a 2 million barrel per day oil production throttling if this glut is not resolved.

Methane is not in scarcity; the problem with natural gas is that it is extremely low energy- and value- density. Making more only makes this fundamental economic limitation of this energy form, worse. These economic limitations are such that 145 billion cubic meters of natural gas are flared every year.

Oh, and extra bonus: while fracked oil wells experience significant and rapid production decline - it appears natural gas wells don't. In fact, the Bakken wells in ND are actually producing more over time...

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