Today I was on the First Avenue bus and a woman got on with a baby carriage. The baby was cranky until mom gave her the cell phone, then she shut up, swiping away. We asked mom, how old? Year and a half. And she knows how to use a phone? She's better than I am.

I am thinking that people still in diapers are going to solve string theory, entanglement and make AI work for them, long before they turn 30.

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If carbon emissions are a priority *and* first world electrical infrastructure is also - then nuclear power is the only way to go.

But Americans' opinions aren't the issue, it is the ongoing lawfare by those who hate it - primarily "greens".

China has publicly announced it will build 160+ nuclear power plants in the next 20 or so years as part of its "all of the above" energy plan which includes solar PV, wind, coal and people peddling on bicycles if necessary. I don't think anyone should discount whether this happens.

The US in turn has the 3rd oldest fleet of nuclear reactors in the entire world - average age of the 92 American reactors is 41.6 years old as of 2022 vs. the slightly older 7 reactors in Belgium and 4 in Switzerland: https://www.forbes.com/sites/katharinabuchholz/2022/10/21/us-nuclear-reactors-among-the-oldest-in-the-world-infographic/?sh=61f9017e7122

China's nuclear fleet in 20-ish years will have quadrupled while the total number of reactors in the entire West has been falling for the last several decades.

'Nuff said.

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Google SGE is going to change things up a lot I think.

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