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Subdiligranulum has also identified as a potential helpful bacteria in resolving inflammatory bowel disease. Suddartha mukherjee wrote about genes being helpful or harmful in different contexts and I continue to wonder if the microbiome also has these inherent dichotomies for individual species. Will we cure RA and inadvertently give rise to IBD?

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Good dose of optimism in an otherwise grueling world.

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Intriguing, thought provoking, inspiring, and fun... thanks

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I hope the RA medicine can be developed. I have often thought that we are at war with bacteria. They had the planet all to themselves for billions of years and then we large forms developed, and they hold a grudge.

On another note, I think AI will make more jobs than weaving. I hope it might be able to find commercial uses for entanglement.

Also, thanks for teaching me that amiright? is a word now. I foolishly thought chatGPT was going to make English grammar perfect, even for phishers in the Balkans.

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