Spotify Calls Him Daddy (Audio Edition)


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All that writing about the vast riches available to podcasters made me want to record one myself!

My essays are long, so I wanted to see if recording what I write means that more people are able to consume the content. This is a test - I stumble in a few places, you can hear a phone ring, and I hate the sound of my own voice. But here we go!

Let me know if you have feedback on this format; if you like it, I’ll start sharing recorded versions with each Monday essay I write. If you like the idea but not the execution, your feedback is more than welcome :)

You can read the original here: Spotify Calls Him Daddy

Graphics from the original essay below:

We talking about PODCASTS:

2019 Podcast Ad Revenue vs. YouTube Ad Revenue:

Radio Stocks Have Significantly Underperformed the Market:

The Individual Creator Value Chain:

The Media Barbell:

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