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Coincidentally the CNN documentary about HQ Trivia that came out in March highlights how HQ found themselves in this spot, waffled, and faded into irrelevance.

They had a very popular but ephemeral app, the users started to get bored and leave, and then the HQ team couldn't figure out "the next hit"

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I remember the excitement I felt when I first saw HQ Trivia, it felt like the future of TV, but instead of scaling it horizontally into an ecosystem of related and interconnected shows that stayed small and felt personal, they went for the big centralised play and it burnt out. I still think there’s room here for someone to come along and reinvigorate this format and take a niche view on it. Imagine Trivia Pursuits in this format with each colour/topic being it’s own show/app with a shared “score and reward” system, working towards the centre play offs. Low budget super fun. 🌞

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Spot on. It was so...cool?

I can't think of another app that captured everyone's attention like that at a specific time of day. Even if I was doing something with people, for awhile there we'd pull out HQ.

TikTok is trying something like you described but haven't tried it.

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Fantastic post 🙏🏽 This thinking aligns beautifully with EF Schumacher and his amazing 1973 book - Small is Beautiful, which has three key take always:

* Economic growth and development should be based on human needs and values, rather than on the pursuit of profit and material possessions.

* The current economic system is unsustainable and it is leading to environmental degradation, social inequality, and spiritual emptiness.

* A new economic model is needed that is based on small-scale, decentralized production, appropriate technology, and a strong sense of community.

Not bad for a 50 year old book... 🌞

That Web3 and AI gives us (all) this potential on an precedented scale allowing us to fulfil the original tenet of an actual web of inter connected information with ideas that ebb and flow (or come and go) and yet still glued together by systems of participation based on “tokens” is exciting to say the least.

As code becomes disposable and individuals create ecosystems around tiny apps, wealth can finally start to be redistributed in ways that make “cottage industries” desirable to be part of and collaborative communities thrive.

Wordle is one of my favourite examples of a tiny app that could’ve been a huge ecosystem of tiny games, leaderboards, (disposable) digital toys, glued together by a simple token system of “actions and rewards”. All made by individuals or tiny teams.

This post is one of the few times I’ve seen anyone put this idea together coherently in public. Thank you so much. 🙏🏽🤍 You’ve helped provide some of the words and validate the thinking behind our protocol.

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I love the "wasn't trying to make a crypto piece" part. Love seeing the possibilities of an open data layer

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It's a description of Ethereum, no?

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It's boom time for imagination;

and this is still the early innings;

don't rain on its parade.

It might be productive to be free of the traditional VC fund-raising systems of Silicon Valley---

I suspect this is only kept in place by the mythology of guys building an idea in the garage which made them billionaires.

While many of these guys are still alive,

the maxim that today's kids can easily do the same is taking on the look of Atlantis.

And is all this talk of moats because it's the week of Buffett's Omaha meeting?

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Sadly, Thiel is proving more right every day: every single iota of brainpower spent on software engineering is that much less brainpower spent on creating something that actually improves lives.

More social has zero positive societal impact. LLMs - we will see but it seems extremely likely that the net social impact is negative in the form of lost jobs, lost human interaction, ever greater focus away from actual real world improvement.

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