You didn't mention "billings" which is the key KPI that caused its stock to crash after last earnings

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Good point. Billings will be interesting to watch in the next couple of quarters, but I buy that they've made COVID-related concessions given their very (over?) customer-friendly payment terms, and that billings will pick back up.

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Packy - you are looking like a genius now. What are your thoughts about Salesforce buying Slack?

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I read this on another Board.

I received an update on my fidelity account that number of unique visitors surge year over year for Zoom, Microsoft Docusign and Ring Central in October per Goldman Sachs. Below are YOY unique visitor surge details and I hope below data helps in maintaining our conviction as earnings are coming up next week.

Up YoY Oct:

Zoom (682%)

Microsoft (143%)

Ring Central (71%)

Docusign (34%)

Down YoY Oct:

Dropbox (14%)

Slack (2%)

Source for Goldman for this data appears to be Comscore and Media Measurement

What do you make of this?


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Great article, alas overly optimistic of Slacks value.

Head of product at a midsized SaaS company here. We use both Slack and Teams.

- Slack is just is just noise, channels are full of people, engagement is going down. Considering canceling it next year. I personally check slack once a day (and might remove it completely before we cancel)

- Teams is the primary tool for video calling. Some executive-level convos happen there. Usability is worse than Slack’s.

Side project: advising a startup (7 ppl) using a free version of Slack. Pretty neat and helpful, but I personally find Atlassian Jira and Confluence a better place for collaboration.

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Software engineer here. Multi billion dollar global SaaS company.

We use both Teams and Slack. Slack is just huge channels filled with managers, sales account executives and "customer success managers". They just sit in the channels asking for updates, complaining about the time it takes for everything to happen and randomly pulling in people who they think can help them until the channels are just noise.

No work gets done in Slack.

We all just mute the channels and ping each other on teams or email in small groups so that we can focus on our work. The management tier loves Slack because of visibility. They can all sit in the channels yelling about how much work they're doing when the reality is that the engineers are all somewhere else doing actual work.

We do have one channel that is engineer only and we use it for pub quizzes on a Friday. I would miss that channel if we stopped using Slack. If that happens we'll just go back to web based IRC again though....

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What makes it easier for you to communicate on Teams vs. Slack?

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Solid read, I'm considering the stock. Where is the Q&A submission form through that link?

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Thank you very much for this Gem! What kind of sources do you use, when you want to analyze a business? thank you again

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