Replit is a great IDE but becoming the entry point for 50 million, let alone a billion, is going to require more than that. They do a fantastic job tearing down the barriers to getting going but learning to code is difficult, even more difficult to do well, and Replit doesn't offer anything in that regard compared to competing platforms. Right now, that's Ok, but the bar is going to go up. Also, being able to code is merely foundational. If programs aren't well designed, they fail. But students don't innately understand design so the winning platform will need to include smarts that enable newbies to turn out programs that can be easily debugged and made to run correctly.

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Really nice article, thank you Packy!

I truly believe in Replit vision to empower young hackers and reduce the barrier to entry to the software world.

I think Replit is very complementary with Vittascience, the company I created.

We're helping teachers to share the passion for CS to 8 to 18 years old students, with a focus on real life projects involving hardware (autonomous robots, self-watering plant, ...) and AI (opening the "black box").



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