Hi Packy! Thanks for the write up! Once again refreshing and interesting.

I'M considering another risk that I'm not sure whether masterworks talks about in their 'prospectus'.

How do they keep their art safe, what if an art is stolen or molded or lost in fire. They get insurance but do we get anything?

Thanks for replying in advance!

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A great write up, but a review of the published literature provides a very different benchmark return than those provided by Masterworks. And that one painting they sold exactly one year after buying it - but not through auction - makes me wonder what's their magic.

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Have we learned nothing from history? Opening new asset classes to investment from the middle and lower classes will only balloon the values of those assets, allowing the wealthy to get even wealthier, and to exit their positions at peak value, leaving the ignorant masses holding the bag on stagnant or depreciating assets. This pattern keeps repeating itself over and over and over. Stop giving your money away to the rich, people. Listen to Warren Buffet, and INVEST IN WHAT YOU KNOW.

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