Congrats, Packy. Keep doing your own thing, it's certainly... not boring!

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Jul 13, 2021Liked by Packy McCormick

Congrats! Although I find the simple dismissal of DAOs as 'illegal' to be similar to saying 'bitcoin is only used for money laundering'

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congrats! love it! more money to folks building more things! the metaverse grows...

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Congrats Packy, been fun watching you ride this wave and the content remains awesome.

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Super proud of you!!!!

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let's do this!

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The machine!

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Jul 14, 2022·edited Jul 14, 2022

Hi Packy 👋

I know it's been a year since this was published but congratulations on everything that you do!

I've been a huge fan of you for a long time ;)

I hope your dream "Read & Write" might be enhanced by Glasp https://glasp.co/

I strongly believe there's a great synergy among Not Boring readers, Packy, and Glasp!

We were thinking about the next round recently, and you and Not Boring came up to our mind first (literally), so I read this and am leaving a comment!

Cofounder, Kei, has translated some of your articles into Japanese before and we really appreciate your kindness all the time!

Here's my highlights and notes on this newsletter:




P.S. - here's the community highlights on Not Boring! https://glasp.co/explore/?domain=www.notboring.co

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Thanks for the piece, I need more information!

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Great read Packy! I'd love to chat with you about the Reg CF component. I lead outbound growth at Wefunder and think we'd could offer a unique solution for the Not Boring fam.

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Hi, Check out this energy storage battery investment. The problem with electricity is storing it for future use.

The silicon/lithium-ion battery market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 32% to $38 billion by 2030.

The upside for Next Bolt, ($1.95 per share) is tremendous.

It is a true ground floor opportunity.

Using oil and gas to power things is old technology, and needs to be replaced.

"Charging a green future: Latest advancement in lithium-ion batteries could make them the standard for battery storage:

Scientists add a specific polymer composite to the silicon anode of lithium-ion batteries, which significantly increasing their lifetime." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 19 May 2022.May 19, 2022


Silicon (salt) is plentiful, and cheap, unlike lithium which is very expensive and needs to be mined.

I am an investor, and a believer that battery energy storage will take over cars, trucks, houses, planes, and businesses. You can invest on the link below.

Here is the link. https://wefunder.com/nextbolt

John Sanderson

Richmond VA

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Hey Packy - are Not Boring hiring? Captivated by this post as I share the same ambitions! I love what you guys are doing and would love to learn and trail blaze with you. Let me know if need more brain power finding new opportunities & vetting start-ups/projects in the blockchain / nft space!

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Great post Packy and congratulations for the launch. I love your story and how you surrendered to the process that led you after one year to launch Not Boring Capital.

I invite you for an interview (will DM you) to share on


and my audience.

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Welcome to the GAME: Next level. Top read and will be following closely, seeing how to get involved. Great work Mr McC.

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I and my co-founders are working on what we think is going to be an amazing company. Not sure if you invest in India though. Landing page is going to hit this weekend.

Good going though Packy, you get it

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This is amazing! Congrats on your raise. Now you've really inspired me to get more disciplined about sharing my investment process!

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