Awesome to see Elliot join the Not Boring team! He's a tremendous science writer — look forward to more biotech here 🧬🔬I enjoyed learning more about the historical backdrop of Ginkgo's early days and how it shaped the philosophical direction of the company today.

Dropping in two pieces I wrote on Ginkgo last fall to add to the ongoing discussion here!

1. High-level overview of the bull and bear case: https://healthandwealth.substack.com/p/ginkgo-bioworks-part-1

2. Closer look at Ginkgo's biofoundry and specific products they've designed:


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Fascinating and terrifying. A critical new capability for solving today's problems, but surely coming with it's own (those mentioned in the article + AI mis-use + others as things evolve).

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What happened to the podcast? seems to have been deleted from spotify

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What came to mind, before Jurassic Park was even mentioned, was “ Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”

Equally, commenting on Moderna’s mRNA ‘vaccine’ as successful in large part due to its quick turnaround time is already showing to be premature.

Not that this is a pessimistic stance, just that not all things lend themselves to optimism. Some things are indeed best left alone, such as the building blocks of life itself. At least until we have learnt the discipline we need to use such technology and we are far far from that.

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