this is a wonderful essay about a very exciting business. thank you Packy! i'm eagerly awaiting the day that Fount becomes more accessible to the average Joe and the types of bio-sensors available broadens to measure things like cabon dioxide in the breath/blood and insulin, which i think are two vital measures.

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Mar 17, 2022Liked by Packy McCormick

it's such a fantastic thing that there are people with these great vision and skills.

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Thanks Packy! Seems to me that the "match that ignites the industry" is not "predictive models" (of which there are already many in healthcare) but rather a change in incentives.

Today, the (US) healthcare industry makes money by treating the ill, not keeping people healthy.

Sure, there's a TAM of people who are willing to pay monthly for Fount's service, but the really huge potential market is unlocked when companies can make money by keeping people who can't afford to pay from getting sick in the first place.

I'm curious to hear about examples of insurance companies, government healthcare systems, private companies, etc. who would pay for preventative care services (like Fount) on a large scale. Where is the money spent in preventative care that Fount could tap in to?

To date, I can only think of companies in the glucose monitoring and hypertension space who sell to private employers through insurance companies and those generally are a hard sell. Are there other examples?

Thanks for the great work!

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this was an amazing post, data collection seems to be at the heart of this. i worry that private companies collecting this data will soon become a limiting agent. the web3 composability paradigm instead of an API one might really unleash pace and type of innovation we see. wdyt?

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