Monterrey, MX citizen here,

This is a very interesting article, thank you for the effort that went through all this! but the political section felt so propagandistic that I wanted to share some light as how you might perceive things versus actually being born, raised, and live here.

Mexico has struggled with poor education and a really bad nutrition culture for a really long time. We're one of the top consumers (#1 I think) of Coca Cola in the world. There are places in Chiapas where people don't have access to clean drinkable water, but there's Coca Cola.

Same thing happens with junk food, when it's easier and cheaper to go to an OXXO and buy some "Gansito and a Coke" for breakfast, then scale it country-wide, you get one of the top countries with poor nutrition and diabetes. Then you're hit by a pandemic and you get the "its 9.8% mortality rate is among the highest in the world".

Sum it up with corruption that led to FEMSA not paying taxes since who knows when. So when we read the news that they'll pay MXN 8,790 million in taxes, we can't help but get a little happier.

And not cherry-picking on FEMSA, it's been published that our top 15 companies owe MXN 50,000 million in taxes, charges, and fees.


"the government imposed regulations that will force Coca-Cola to put big octagonal black warning labels on its products by December 1st."

Well yes, and that's great! and not only for Coca-Cola but for ALL junk food, and that's the first step towards growing awareness that drinking lots of sugar and eating lots of junk food IS NOT GOOD.

I'm not blindly defending AMLO. And I certainly don't agree with a lot of things about our current government. But this "corporations good, government bad" is not very helpful.

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I don't often read stock market analysis and think "Wow, that was fun". Great punchline, too.

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What is your take on the acquisition announced yesterday of North American, Waxie, SWPlus and SEPG and a holding company called NW Synergy in the U.S.? Why? My son works for one of them. Your article on FEMSA was definitely not boring.

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Excellent article, thanks for taking the time to write it, I enjoyed it a lot!

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Great write-up.Thanks.

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