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On Monday, I wrote Part I of a two-parter about Tencent, the Chinese technology conglomerate with the most popular app in China, the biggest gaming business in the world, and stakes in many of the fastest-growing companies around the globe. I was hopped up on caffeine (see below) and said that I would be writing Part II today.

Well, I either overestimated myself, underestimated Tencent’s ambitions, or both. There’s a really fascinating story to tell about Tencent’s future, and I don’t want to sell it short by rushing it, so Part II will be coming out on Monday.

Today, I’m going to keep it short and to the point. Let’s get to it.

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I’ve been writing Not Boring (and Per My Last Email) for 15 months now, since May 2019. I didn’t set out to write a newsletter full time, but this has been so much more fun than I expected, so here we are.

On May 21st, I sent out an email with three goals to 1,294 people:

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💸 That leaves #3: make money so that I can keep doing this!

In time, the goal is to turn this into a paid newsletter - I want Not Boring to be both informative and entertaining enough that you’re excited to pay for it.

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I met Sahra Nguyen a couple of weeks ago and bought a bag of her Vietnamese coffee. She told me the Robusta beans had 2x the caffeine, but I was skeptical… coffee doesn’t really move the needle for me anymore. After one cup, I could legitimately tell the difference. My brain was buzzing. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Tencent essay was 1,000 words longer than usual 🤯

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That’s all for today! See you on Monday for Tencent Part Deux.

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